Canon CR-50

Compact and productive cheque scanning, perfect for over-the-counter transactions.

The compact and productive imageFORMULA CR-50 cheque scanners are the ideal counter-top solution to efficiently process cheque image and customer data in the banking, financial, Government and retail organisations.

  • High-speed scanning: up to 50 cheques per minute
  • Precise MICR reading supported by OCR technology
  • Reliable paper feeding and document handling
  • Built-in Imprinter for pre-scan endorsements

Compact design, productive scanning

The CR-50 is a small but powerful scanning device with an ultra compact footprint that sits comfortably on the smallest of desks or counters where space is at a premium. With productive scanning speeds of up to 50 cheques per minute users can complete their daily operations efficiently.

High precision MOCR reading

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) reading is supported by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) ensuring a higher level of accuracy helping to reduce costly errors and save time.

Advanced processing features

Precision image processing technology, such as fine text filtering, delivers clearer, more legible images from documents allowing for sharper image capture and superior quality. A built-in imprinter comes standard for capturing important endorsement information to meet audit trail requirements.

Reliable scanning you can trust

Canon’s superior paper feeding technology ensures mixed batched documents or single items are processed without interruption allowing for a smooth operation. The CR-50 includes infrared double feed detection and paper thickness adjustment ensuring dependable cheques processing and minimising the risk of paper jams. Designed to perform in demanding environments of up to 2500 scans a day, you can be assured of reliability even when your workloads increase.

Powerful software

Canon’s Scanning Utility software provides scanning, file saving, image viewing and other functions to make operations effortless. The widely recognised Ranger Driver from Silver Bullet™ is also incorporated which enables system integrators to incorporate the CR-50 into their cheque processing workflow. A Software Developers Kit (SDK) is also available for developers to cost effectively integrate CR-50 into customised customer software applications.


Type Desktop Type Sheet Fed Scanner
Document Reading Sensor CMOS CIS Sensor
Optical Resolution 600dpi
Light Source RGB LED
Reading Side Simplex / Duplex
Interface High speed USB 2.0
Dimensions Tray Closed: 140 (W) x 223 (D) x 188 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 2.0Kg
Power Requirements AC220 - 240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption Scanning 27W (or less), Sleep Mode: Less than 4W
Operating Environment 10 - 32.5 ºC (50 – 90.5ºF), Humidity 20 – 80% RH
Environmental Compliance RoHS and ENERGY STAR


B & W 50cpm (20cpm at 300dpi)
Greyscale 50cpm (20cpm at 300dpi)
Colour 20cpm


Width 54 - 108mm
Length 80 - 228mm
Thickness Normal: 60 - 120g/m² (0.08 - 0.2mm)
Infrared double feed detection ON: 81 - 105g/m² (0.10 - 0.14mm)
Paper separation Comb-shaped roller method
Sorting Pockets One pocket
Feeder Capacity 50 sheets


Mode Binary: Black & White/Error Diffusion/Fine Text Filtering
Greyscale: 4-bit / 8-bit
Colour: 24bit
Output Resolution Binary & Greyscale: 100, 200, 300dpi
Colour: 100, 200dpi


Features Automatic Page Size Detection, Deskew, Fine Text Filtering, Infrared Double Feed Detection, Edge Emphasis, Automatic Feeding Option, Border Removal, Addon Function, Image Quality Assurance¹, Logging Tool.
Imprinter Built-in Imprinter, Ink Level Alarm


Software Canon Scanning Utility for CR-50 (inc. Driver),
Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Ranger Driver
Options Sofware Development Kits (3 Types) : CR-SDK , CR-SDK.NET, Ranger API
(Available through Canon Business Solutions Devleoper Programme -


Consumables Ink Cartridge for Imprinter
Suggested Daily Duty Cycle Approx 2500 sheets / day
Features ¹ Image Quality Assurance - This function can only be activated with CR-SDK.